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You are a theologian! Don’t believe it? Then read Elizabeth Dreyer’s Making Sense of God: A Woman’s Perspective,.
The time of entrusting theology only to men is over. The moment is ripe for ordinary Catholic women to “do Christian theology.” Moments like this call you to be holy, to be alive in the Spirit, to summon the energy and make the commitment to help one another grow spiritually. Now is the time for Catholic women to make sense of God.
Join Elizabeth Dreyer as she demystifies what theology means and who can practice it. Along the way, she will help you shape what you think about God, justice, love, prayer, family life, the destiny of humanity and the entire universe.
You are a theologian. Now discover that truth and all its meaning for yourself.
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Pre-Publication Reviews of Making Sense of God: A Woman's Perspective
“Dreyer’s book could be subtitled A Guide to Doing Grassroots Theology. Each adjective, adverb and noun in the definition is explored carefully and gently. Her first (but not exclusive) audience is women who may need help appreciating the theology of their daily lives. Dreyer gives them the tools and wisely steps aside.”
—Denise Carmody, Jesuit community professor, religious studies department, Santa Clara University

Making Sense of God is as democratic in its outreach to ‘all’ women to see themselves as theologians-in-the-making as it is a cry for a grassroots, practical spirituality that will change lives and the world for the better. Richly personal, wonderfully informative and beautifully written, Making Sense of God offers women a transformative journey for both head and heart, for both theory and practice, one that will surely call a diversity of women in the pews together for a conversation we’ve long yearned for. Dreyer’s guidance makes the wait worth it.”
—Donna Freitas, author, Sex and the Soul

“At once theologically sophisticated, pastorally astute and poetically written, this book will appeal to all who seek fresh ways to connect God’s Spirit to daily life.”
—Lisa Sowle Cahill, Monan Professor of Theology, Boston College
posted Monday, September, 8, 2008
Series Titles
(available Spring 2009)
(available Spring 2009)
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